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Community Fun

Community Fun

Picnic Days & Fetes

Life Games can add a great atmosphere to your picnic day in the park, on the beach or in the bush. Games will be designed to suit the people of all ages and abilities, and the environment and can be the ?old fashioned races? or just fun activities.

Family Reunions

Games to keep the children active during family reunions can be supplied for an hour or two or a whole day. Art & Craft can also be supplied on request.

Games for kids parties

Our trained leaders can provide great activities for kids parties. A full range of activities can be provided for a great party.  See our Party section
Themed Events

If you are holding a special day, our games can be adapted to suit your theme. For example: Team Building, Team Challenge, Colonial Day, Old fashioned races and a variety of games relating to your day.

For more information email info@vic.lifebeinit.org or call 1300 73 83 63


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